"To call the work that Donna-Marie did for Look MORE Good Naked life-changing for those involved, would be an understatement.

With the utmost level of professionalism, Donna-Marie brought the best out of people who would never have believed they could pose for a photographer - let alone be naked while they did it.

Look More Good Naked

Donna-Marie has a gift. The gift of bringing qualities out in a person that even they didn't know existed. This is why in years to come they will still look at the pictures that she has done and feel glad that they made the decision to come to her in the first place.

The time you spend with Donna-Marie and the results you and everyone else will see is indeed time well spent."

Nicky Hunt, Breakfast Co-host
MORE FM, Dunedin


Thank you very much.

The photos look GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You will definitely hear from me again when I next need some photos done.
Have a good weekend

Ian, Silk Sensations


"Professional, relaxed and fun. Donna-Marie has the talent for making the experience fun and really enjoyable. She was able to get you comfortable and relaxed which shows in the beautiful photos. The end result is a huge collection of fantastic photos. I had heaps of fun and would do it again"

Chris Kelly and Michelle Pearce